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The Team

Yi Ling


He is currently in his second year, pursuing a Bachelor of Arts Honours degree in Architecture. While building a sense of appreciation for local architecture and seeing how the face and places of Singapore has/have been changing at  a relatively rapid pace, Yuqi continues to believe that Singapore is his home and it is worth defending. SG50 Local Champions Global Leaders is just one way he shows it.

SG50: Local Champions, Global Leaders

Yi Ling is a Year 2 Statistics student who is passionate about entrepreneurship and international culture. With a love for nature and arts, she embraces Singapore’s vibrancy as a cosmopolitan city state. Beyond the culture, people and architecture, she hopes to discover the many facets to Singapore’s thriving cityscape. She is inspired by our Singapore leaders and proud to be a Singaporean.

Yi Ling is also the leader of the group.

A Year One majoring in the Life Sciences, Kimberly takes an interest in Singapore’s progress since her humble beginnings, namely the biomedical field, given the current advancements. While dabbling in various forms of arts in her spare time, she enjoys the challenge of unifying concepts and has a deep-rooted loyalty for her hometown, Singapore.

Cheryl is a Year 3 student studying Business Administration. The best thing she likes about Singapore is its availability of and access to cheap and good food. She hopes Singapore will continue to grow as a country with growth in levels of mutual respect, understanding and love among Singaporeans through embracing diversity among us.

A Business Administration (Accountancy) student in his first year, Xin Yan is beginning to appreciate the various elements that make up Singapore as a reputable financial hub and is excited about the prospect of making his contribution. Having migrated to Singapore at the young age of two, he took root here and has regarded it as his home, the place in which he has a heartfelt sense of belonging.

We are students from

NUS Tembusu College.

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Xin Yan


Our Research Methodology

We will foremost research on the entrepreneurial spirit of Roche, and its journey as a small firm to today’s global market leader, expansions in Singapore alone being remarkable. We wish to understand how Roche incorporates the three elements of sustainability: society, environment and economy into its business practices. Roche’s strong presence in the healthcare system has inspired us to look beyond pharmaceutical chemistry and into the human chemistry between Roche and its patients. Just as Singapore continues to look for means of enhancing its people’s welfare, in embracing human connection with its patients, how does Roche develop and adopt creative solutions to mitigate future health problems? We hope to find this out through our research on discovering the bond between Roche and Singapore and how it has contributed to Singapore’s development over the years.


We have approached the company for information about their core values and will gather research on the impacts Roche has had on the pharmaceutical industry and Singapore as a nation. We will approach company staff on their take on these issues and why they believe strongly in the company they work for. We are also interested in approaching the general public for their sentiments towards Roche and stories which depict its impact on society or members of the public on a personal level.

We plan to tell the story of Roche and Singapore and how the company is synonymous to the country’s development. Also, we hope to spread the company’s message and values through our end product by encouraging people to ponder and appreciate Singapore’s rapid healthcare advancements in technology, service and opportunities. Through this, we wish to provide support Roche in its endeavours of servitude and the betterment of quality of life here, on this tropical island we call home.

The Experience

What SG50 Means To Us

How much do you know about the company prior to the competition, your initial impression and expectations, and how have these changed?
How has the process been? Is it something you expected?


Prior to this SG50 event, we only knew of Roche as a pharmaceutical company, so our initial impressions was that of a business selling pharmaceutical services, and assumed they were similar to other companies with profit-maximising agendas. However, Roche turned out to be more than just a business; Roche makes decisions with both the mind and the heart – using the latest research and technology to tailor treatments to patients, alleviate disease burdens, and improve the livelihood of whoever possible. Through their various healthcare intiatives, Roche endeavours to create and improve better access to healthcare for Singaporeans. Roche are indeed major contributors to the improved quality of lives and economic prosperity of Singapore.

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“Local Champions, Global Leaders” has been an invaluable opportunity and experience for the team. A form of relief from the hectic considerations of University life, this made us ask ourselves on what it means to be Singaporean and of the nation-state these 50 years of independence.

Roche, amongst many other things, has shown us the passion of the people in the healthcare sector towards the benefit for fellow Singaporeans.

SG50 really sets a great celebration to those who deserve it. Pioneers and predecessors to moulding Singapore to what it is today. As the Chinese idiom goes:  饮水思源 “When you drink, think of its source.” We reflect and show appreciation to those who have aided in paving the way for Singapore and their fellow Singaporeans. “A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.” Greek Proverb. Indeed there is much to be grateful for in our island home today and it inspires the generation now to assume the mantle for those who will be Singaporeans after us, many years to come.

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